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Pandaluver21 08:56 PM 06-24-2021
So my bestfriend/roommate/co-teacher has gone through significant loss in the last month. She got a call from her dad that her grandma had passed away, but didn't talk long and planned on calling him back in a few days. Instead, she got a call from her cousin that her dad had passed away about a week after her grandma. Her family lived about 3.5hours south of us, so we are having to travel quite a bit to get down there. My mom had set up one of those fund pages, and I shared it on my personal page. Would it be inappropriate to share it on my business page too? I have not only current parents, but previous parents and several people that follow just for crafts, activities, lesson plans, etc. I think it would be good exposure for the link, but don't know if it would come across weird?
Michael 03:15 AM 06-25-2021
You are helping someone in need. Doesn’t sound weird to me. I think many would empathize with the family and your effort.
Cat Herder 07:13 AM 06-25-2021
Local businesses around here often post them for local families with extreme medical bills, funeral expenses, house fires, etc. I don't see why it would be any different just because you were the recipient. They can either scroll by or donate.

I would be prepared for people that can't donate or who are emotionally drained from their own current situation to avoid you for a while. It isn't about a lack of empathy, it is about a lack of emotional energy to take on anything more. A lot of people don't see that until it happens to them.
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