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Valerie928 01:50 PM 07-08-2021
I am having trouble with the new forum. I can log in and I see my avatar with everyone else that is logged in. However I can't post or reply to anything. My username is the same on the new forum. I was able to utilize the new forum for awhile, the past week I can't. Help
Michael 02:09 PM 07-08-2021
I would guess that since I had the new form updated about a week or so ago that your old information may be conflicting with the update. I was suggest that you first log out and then clear your browser history and cache. Your old information may be conflicting. On another note you could also try registering under a new name and see if you have the same issue. I think itís most likely the latter.
Valerie928 06:26 PM 07-08-2021
Ok, thanks Michael. I will try what you have suggested.
Cat Herder 06:55 AM 07-09-2021
I have to clear my cache/browser history every morning and click the remember me button before it will let me log in. Then again, my location seems to change every time I restart my computer. We have downed tower and slow speed issues.
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