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tenderhearts 08:37 AM 09-01-2021
Wow it's been awhile since I have been on here and the site changed so hope its still active.
I have a dilemma and need to see what some of you do. I just started an 18 mo old. She is super sweet and good during day, a little clingy since she has never been in daycare before I have had her older sister for over 2 years. Problem is nap time. I started her off on a cot not a pac n play, I sat with her as she is new to this and didn't want to lay there but she cries and cries and tries to get up which is to be expected but it's not getring any better, now when I start setting up for nap she starts crying. I have other kids that need attention at that time so I thought I would try a pack n play. Well she climbed out which was very unexpected she a a tiny thing so cot is only choice. I told Mom that they need to work with her at home because I won't be able to sit with her for 40 min or longer and wait until she falls asleep. She said they would but I do know she sleeps with them and that isn't going ro help. Her naps after she falls asleep has only been 45 min to an hour. How do you guys do this? I know there will be a transition. And she's only been here a week but it's not better it's worse. Thanks
Michael 12:39 PM 09-01-2021
Welcome back. Here are some threads on transitioning from pack n play to mats:

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