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BB_Daycare 11:26 AM 11-17-2021
We have had a newish parent constantly putting their 1 year old in full leg snap clothing. He gives us a hard time during diaper changes and then add 3 snaps on a onesies plus 12 leg snaps (that you know we can never button up properly the 1st time and always have to do it more than once). What is a nice way to tell parents that we cannot accept that type of clothing anymore?
Michael 11:33 AM 11-17-2021
I see you posted on both forums. 😊 Here are some threads on clothing policies:
BB_Daycare 11:38 AM 11-17-2021
I did attempt to search before posting but didn't find any posts quite what I was looking for but I do appreciate the help! Thank you!
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