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veero 04:19 PM 05-03-2013
We have nice summer day I decide to give fun science or math activity outside for my preschoolers(3-5 years) and also want everyone participate that activity rather than sit and watch if you have fun idea please share with me . thank you.
Cradle2crayons 05:12 PM 05-03-2013
We live very rural and my house is almost 200 yards from the road but wooded so if you don't know we live here you'd think it was just woods lol. My husband cut several nature trails out for us and we combine science and math all at the same time. We look at trees, the bark, count sticks, count butterflies. Sometimes I assign things before the walk, like a scavenger hunt. I buy those little notepads from dollar tree etc and I print say a picture of a butterfly and a picture of a beetle and glue it in their notepads and then give them each a little pencil and they use tally marks to show how many of each thing they see along the nature hike. There are tons of ways to combine both science and math along the way without them even realizing they are learning at all. I also have parents bring in those little bug carriers from the dollar store and they collect things and when we get home we talk about colors, numbers of each thing and their natural habitat.
KSDC 08:10 PM 05-04-2013
Each summer I do a unit on ants. We read about ants, do ant crafts, and study them in the yard.

We go exploring to find an ant colony hiding under a stepping stone or rock. Usually we can even see eggs! Then, we come back later the eggs are all gone - the ants felt that we were a danger and they moved them.

We also will experiment to find our what food ants like. We take a paper plate and divide it into 4 sections with a marker. Then tear 4 types of food into tiny pieces and place it on the plate. Food is then place near the ant hill. During the day, we keep checking back to see if the ants find the food and which foods they like. I let the kids choose which foods to experiments with. We make our hypothesis on which we think they will eat first.

This year I am adding in an ant colony for us to observe inside. (Got a great deal on after Christmas sales!)
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