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JeepGirl6 07:20 PM 08-10-2011
So I am putting in my notice as the hospital this Friday, my In-Home Child Care is what I want to do. Until we get married next September I am able to get back on my parents health insurance, so I don't have to worry about it until next September.

My boyfriend has talked about staying at his current job until next Spring and then he hopes to get his lawn care business back up and try to get "big" 40+ yards. Well He would have been the one to then carry the insurance for us( at his current position) with my leaving the hospital. Well since we would both be doing our "own" business we won't have health insurance offered to us from a place of employment. We would be able to get individual insurance through somewhere. Do any of you have this situation, where your family is on individual health insurance? I looked into it and when we decide to have children, its an extra $200 a month through some places for maternity coverage. You have to pay that extra $200 a month for the whole 9 month pregnancy which is $1,800 on top of the health care coverage...You have to have the maternity insurance before you get pregnant or the insurance wont cover you...Thats while I would be trying to get pregnant I have to have the insurance enough though I am not pregnant yet....

We think if my daycare and his lawn care business hit it off we will be okay financially but thats just so much money to put out for maternity...Geesh...Anyone have prices they are paying for individual health coverage? Maternity? Thanks
mac60 03:48 AM 08-11-2011
Don't know where you are located, but right now is not the time to be giving up a job with health insurance. If you have a job with insurance, I would keep it for now.

Since my husband lost his job, we had to go to private insurance. It is very very expensive.

We are carrying two policies right now.

1st policy is: Me, my son and daughter. $234 per month. $5000 per person deductible. Covers NOTHING untill we have paid the $5000 deductible. We pay all office visits, meds, x rays, ER, literally everything.

2nd policy is: My husband. $235 per month. $5500 per person deductible. Covers NOTHING untill we have paid the $5500 deductible. We pay all office visits, meds, erays, ER, literally everything.

Private insurance is extremely expensive, and out of reach to most who need it. We work a part time job just to pay for it. Sucks for me, as I end up working about 65 hours per week between daycare and pt job. This is one of the biggest reasons I want out of the dc business, I am spending a weeks pay for health insurance that doesn't cover anything.
AnneCordelia 04:39 AM 08-11-2011
Private health insurance is so expensive. If the thought of adding the maternity coverage to the policy seems like a lot of money then it might be tricky to afford all the little things that come up with kids...injuries, costs, ect. Not to mention that daycare and landscaping aren't the most reliable of incomes at the best of times...and this is the worst of economic times.

If you have a job that offers health coverage I would keep it no matter now icky. My friend's two year old just had 4 stitches in his chin and it cost them $335/stitch. $1300 towards the deductable! Crazy the cost of insurance!

Dang though, I just realized I have no idea how much a landscaper makes so I can't make an educated guess but I'm just reading into tone about $$ for maternity coverage and thinking that insurance is a good thing!
momofboys 05:23 AM 08-11-2011
We have decent insurance (80/20 policy through DH's work) but I can tell you with 3 kids you never know what is going to happen. Having children is expensive & getting sick is even worse, even with insurance.
Unregistered 06:03 AM 08-11-2011
do you have a daycare provider association in your area>? we have one and they offer group health insurance. I never looked into how much because thankfully I dont need it, but its got to be cheaper than individual.
SandeeAR 12:19 PM 08-11-2011
To give you an idea of cost, For most of our marriage, my DH worked for a large Oil company. They paid all the health care. This was great. Fast forward many years (30 for him,18 years for me). That oil company merged with another and at age 54 he was suddenly "downsized". After a year of looking, he found another job for 1/2 the pay.

We had one in high school and one in college and suddenly were paying the health insurance ourselves. That was 10 years ago, we are still on that plan, just my DH and I. It has a $300 each deductable, is 80/20 payment and has a prescription program. It costs us $765 a month! That is more than our rent.

So, really think hard about what you have, before you give it up. Todays job market is hard.
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