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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Hate Non Traditional Schedules!!
lflick 08:57 AM 05-31-2013
Is it just me or do non-traditional schedules make for a mostly unpleasant day?! I have a family whose schedules are always changing week to week day to day. 2 DCG... generally well behaved.... 3 days a week..example of schedule one day 9-330, another 9-545, another 12-545.... in particular I despise the 12 drop off as it interferes with nap time. My choices... hold off on nap (usually 1130) for those that are here and lay DCGs down immediately upon arrival, which is generally difficult as they are wound up from home... OR skip nap for them all together... which is VERY iffy as the one is 19 months old and really needs it otherwise the afternoon is one extreme to the next....

I did make the parents aware up front of the schedule and what not...

Perhaps I am being selfish because I enjoy the quiet time where my mind (and eyes) aren't having to shift rapidly keeping track of everyone!
cheerfuldom 09:00 AM 05-31-2013
Have you considered making a cut off time for drop off? I would say that kids have to be there by 11 in order to have lunch and nap with the group. If they need care at 12 according to the schedule, they MUST drop off by 11.

But yeah, schedules like that are just too crazy for me. I wouldnt do it personally. All my kids are dropped off by 9am and I have a 30 minute pickup window so there arent people coming and going all day. I would never keep kids up from nap waiting on others.
Blackcat31 09:01 AM 05-31-2013
In certain cases, I can see how a varied schedule is tough on a kid but I haven't really run into it much lately.

As far as the noon drop off, I don't allow any drop offs between 11:30-2. That is lunch time and rest time. It's too disruptive for others to allow kids to come and go at that time.

Most my parents with varied schedules work around that rule with no issues or complaints.
lflick 09:05 AM 05-31-2013
I did inform them that lunch and nap occurs at said time as well as there are no exclusions from nap... for their childrens ages anyhow. Next week is their last week until fall when school is back in session. When they return I will revise and likely implement the no drop/pick up between 11:45 and 2.
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