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Unregistered 06:40 PM 09-13-2011
Hi everyone, I posted on here about a month ago. I got some great responses, and even though I'm not a daycare provider (just a nanny), I thought that maybe I could get help here again. I'm still working for the same family, 4 month old little boy who has acid reflux. He's on medication, uses a special formula, and we also use Dr.Brown's bottles. It has been under control for quite sometime now, which is wonderful! The thing is, is he still continues to scream. Constantly. If I don't give him what he wants right when he wants it, he screams like hes being injured. He now refuses to sleep, wakes up screaming and goes to sleep screaming. His mother doesn't want to do any type of anything that involves him crying. I tell her when hes been fussy all day (I'm sure she already knows, he's that way all the time). They've taken him to the doctor, and nothing is wrong. I just don't know how much longer I can do this. She is causing me a lot of stress. She's lied to me about quite a few (mostly petty) things, but its still lies. She works from home a lot, and I've caught her standing on the stairs watching me. I'm perfectly fine with her watching me, but she lied and said she was going to work. I didn't expect her to even be in the house let alone on the dark stairs watching me. It scared the HECK out of me. A few days ago, she comes in and says OH NO whats on his head, what happened?! All it was, was a red mark from where he had been laying in his crib. I feel like I'm over reacting to everything. I know I've tried my hardest with this baby, I honestly want it to work. I feel so bad thinking that I've lost all of my patience with a baby. So I guess what I'm asking is, how do I go about quitting? Or am I just over reacting to things that aren't that big of a deal?
My4SunshineGirlsNY 06:54 PM 09-13-2011
Don't feel bad about yourself in the least. When my oldest daughter was a baby, she had Colic, BAD...screamed all the time and it was the hardest thing to deal with. I didn't feel like myself, I was angry all the time (mostly from lack of sleep, but the constant crying didn't help my mood). Constant crying is very hard on even the most patient person.

I'm not sure how you would want to go about quitting, if you want to be straight up honest, tell her it's a little more challanging than you were expecting, or just say you're not the right person for the job, no shame in not being able to be superwomen.
Oneluckymom 08:55 PM 09-13-2011
Have you ever considered that she may being spying on you to try to pin you as the cause of him crying. I mean if they have taken him to the dr to find out why he is fussy but came up with nothing maybe now they think it's something to do with you. IDK, just a thought because the spying thing is strange. Be careful is all.
cheerfuldom 08:09 AM 09-14-2011
I think you should quit. Most likely she is not helping because deep down, she doesnt want you to be able to soothe her child when she can't. She is able to understand his behavior when she blames you for it. Thats what a lot of parents do to providers. some kids are just very, very high maintenance and nothing is going to change if you and mom cannot be a team, if she is lying and spying, its just not going to work.
Cat Herder 08:19 AM 09-14-2011
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
I'm not a daycare provider (just a nanny)
Oh, hun.... IMHO, Being a Nanny is being a Childcare Provider, only MUCH harder.

You have to do full-time ADULT care, too.

I could not do takes a restrained verbal finesse, calm temperament and humility of steel to work with someone who has "Master of the House Disorder" . (You MUST go see "The Help"!!)

There are families that it would be an absolute joy to join.

Only you can decide if this one is right for you....
cheerfuldom 08:22 AM 09-14-2011
I agree C....when you have all your income tied up with one family (whether inside or outside the home), 9 times out of 10 the parents get really entitled and start having power trips.
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