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Unregistered 10:35 AM 02-05-2012
I am having trouble finding guidelines for watching chidren in my home in Kansas. I only want to watch a few children of people that I know and my grand-daughter. I have seen one place that I have to get a licence if I am watching 1 or more children. I saw in another place that I can watch 2 if they are unrelated. My search is getting frustrating as I am not finding any cut and dry answers. Can anyone help??
Sunchimes 06:18 PM 02-05-2012
I found this, here: There is more info on licensing on this page. Good luck!

Licensing for home-based day care IS NOT required as follows:

1. When child care is provided for not more than two children unrelated to the provider for 20 hours a week or less and the home has not been closed as a result of enforcement action. Total time is determined by adding the hours each child is cared for weekly.
2. When irregular child care is arranged between friends and neighbors on an exchange bases.
3. When child care is provided in the child's own home.
4. When child care is provided in the home of the child's relative.

For assistance in determining if a center-based program for children or youth is required to be licensed, please submit a complete written description to KDHE for review. The written description must include the program purpose and description of services offered for children or youth, ages of children served, hours and days of operation, months of operation, owner of the program, and operator of the program, if different from the owner. Please include a contact name and phone number in case further information is required to determine licensure requirements.
Blackcat31 07:25 AM 02-06-2012

Taken from the main page of
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