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KARIKIDS 12:09 PM 08-24-2011
I am new to this forum and I am very interested in opening a daycare from home. I currently teach preschool and I am thinking about staying home with my one child and taking two or three others at most. I have two questions...

1. Because I am trying to see if I can afford this venture I need to know how much is average to charge per week per child?

2. Do I need a license for this many children?

Michael 12:36 PM 08-24-2011
Welcome to the Forum! I upgraded your status.

for licensing please see:
Cat Herder 02:10 PM 08-24-2011
Your local Resource and Referral Agency should have this information available on their website.

Each State does a price survey and should have just published it. We all look forward to seeing it.

Welcome to the forum!!
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