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gkids09 05:10 PM 08-28-2011
I have always taught my 3-5 year olds (depending on their maturity) how to spell their first and last names, and when they're ready, how to write them.

I have two now that I cannot seem to teach how to spell their last names. One last name has 13 letters, and the other has 11.

Do you have any ideas on how to teach them easily?? I've tried doing it by syllable (both have 3 syllables), and it isn't working. They look at me like I'm crazy when I ask them to spell it.

Both know how to spell their first names, and are both REALLY smart, so I don't think it's because they aren't ready, I think it's because they're so long. Any songs or rhymes or anything that might help??

SilverSabre25 05:22 PM 08-28-2011
Write it down on a big index card/piece of card stock. Then go over it like it's a flashcard--you point to each letter and they say it. That might help.
Crystal 08:45 PM 08-28-2011
If you have cubbies for the children, print a picture of each child, write their full name by it...this will help them with recognizing their names,and it is good for all ages.

When writing their name on their artwork, or any other piece of work, do it with them there and spell it out loud as you write it.

Have a sign-in sheet for the children. Put it on a clip board and have them "sign in" each day. At first their writing may just be scribbles, but over time they will write it well.

For the younger children, hang a pocket chart, make tags with their name and photo and allow them to find their name/photo and place it in the pocket chart as their "attendance" for the day. They will begin to recognize the letters in their name and then be able to learn to write them.

Find places within the environment to display their names in print: a collage of families with their names written and making a point to talk to the child about it, on their toothbrushes, to save a place when waiting for a turn to paint/swing/etc.

Make it visible to them, talk to them about it, and they will learn. Instead of having lessons, make it a part of the day, a part of your routines. It is much more effective, and much less stressful for you AND the child.
Abigail 09:12 PM 08-28-2011
Crystal, you have wonderful ideas. How cute would it be to have the kids "sign in" and watch how their handwriting changes over time. I like the idea about having them find their own name each day as well. They sure will be proud of it!
gkids09 12:13 PM 08-29-2011
Thanks so much everyone!! I have just totally redone my daycare (like, moved EVERYTHING over the weekend, and it all looks totally different), and I have a whole room dedicated to ONLY preschool.

I will for sure be getting a board for them to sign themselves in the preschool room every day! Great idea!

Thanks so much!

Any other ideas, keep them coming!
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