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Unregistered 04:38 PM 06-08-2011
Hi, I just have a quick question I need some help with please. I am going to be changing my daycare hours for the summer so that my family may have more time together to do things. I currently don't close until 7:00 pm and it's just getting to be too much as we have no private family time. We don't get a family vacation either. So I want to change my hours for the summer at least, maybe even long term. How do I give a client notification due to change in hours? I already spoke to 1 DCM that will not be able to have her child picked up by that time so I offered her assistance in finding an alternate provider to which she replied with "I will find a provider" and just walked away got in her car and left. I don't know where we stand now but we have had some issues recently so I'm not too upset. My question is how do I serve notice of it though? The state pays for her daycare so I am required to submitt any terminations of contract to them. I tried to write one out but when I use the usual phrase "Please accept this letter as notice of termination of daycare services for______" It just doesnt sound right. Is it just me or does it come across like they have done something wrong? I am trying to keep the departure civil and this DCM gets upset at every little thing so I have to watch my wording. A copy will also be submitted to the state so it has to be professional.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!! TIA!!
Michael 06:27 PM 06-08-2011
There are a couple "changing hours" letters here:
Cat Herder 07:47 AM 06-09-2011
You don't have to write a termination letter, she does.

You note it as "Withdrawn".

I don't know ANYONE who stays open that late anyway. What time do you open in the mornings??
wdmmom 07:52 AM 06-09-2011
I would issue a letter to the family.

Effective July 1, 2011, (name of daycare) will be changing it's hours of operation. New hours will be.

This letter shall serve as notice to you. If the new hours conflict with your current work schedule, please let me know. Per our written contract I require __ weeks notice to terminate services.

Thank you.

If she wants to terminate, you provide this letter and a copy of her termination to the state.
TBird 07:57 AM 06-09-2011
Wow...She has an attitude about not being able to leave her kid with you until 7:00???

BTW, how do you swing those hours??? I'm hard pressed to stay open until 5:30 (6:00 3 days a week for one family) seems like I'm practically in my car running my kids to dance, baseball, brownies etc. as soon as the parents get here. GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Unregistered 08:56 AM 06-09-2011
Oh no!! I messed up! I didn't see any advise so I just wrote a term letter this morning and gave it to her. She didn't read it but I haven't gotten a text which she has no problem barking at me in texts when something doesnt go her way. She knows what is says basically because I spoke to her yesterday about it and she declined my assistance to help her find a provider and just walked away before I could tell her a date or any other information. I sent her a text later explaining it wouldn't take effect for another 2 weeks and I would be happy to help her in anyway etc. She ignored the text for an hour and finally sent back "Yep" I hate that!! It comes across to me as attitude. Anyone else think this or just me?

So since I wrote it in the wrong way what happens now? I had spoken with the daycare monitor about the issues with this parent becoming more frequent lately and I told him about me wanting to change the hours of business as well. I told him roughly what I wanted to do and he just said ok let me know. He didn't offer advise on how to go about it. There are a few dif routes I could have taken but chose the civil route where we could still be on speaking terms so that I may still be able to know how the dcb grows and all. We live in a small town and it's highly likely that we will see each other so I took the hour change option.

Here is what I submitted to her and will send a copy to the CCRR;

Dear DCM,

This letter is to serve as notice of termination of daycare services for DCB. A copy will also be submitted to the CCRR.

As we previously discussed, due to changes in daycare hours of operation I will no longer be able to provide care for DCB as of June 25, 2011. Our local resource and referral contact number is ***XX. They can assist you in finding alternate care that will better fit your needs.

As stated in my handbook/contract I am supplying the 2 weeks notice. I am providing notice a little early so that you may have ample time to find another provider. I will gladly assist you in anyway I can. DCBs last day of care will be June 24, 2011.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and care for DCB. I will miss him! I wish you and your family all the best in the future.


Cat Herder 11:58 AM 06-09-2011
Don't worry too much. It sounds just fine.

Do expect that she will make the last two weeks miserable for you and you could get an inspection/investigation visit. It happens alot.

Just make sure your ducks are in a row, stick to your written contract verbatim and soldier on. This too shall pass.

You made a decision to benefit your family, be proud of that. I am.

Also, this forum is not so active during the evenings and weekends. Many members do not answer unregistered posts. Not to mention it takes a while for your posts to show up that way... Register...stick around.
jen2651 12:01 PM 06-09-2011
I think that sounds great. If she had thought she could maybe swing the time difference, she should have been nice. I think your letter sounds wonderful!
Unregistered 07:49 PM 06-09-2011
Originally Posted by TBird:
Wow...She has an attitude about not being able to leave her kid with you until 7:00???

BTW, how do you swing those hours??? I'm hard pressed to stay open until 5:30 (6:00 3 days a week for one family) seems like I'm practically in my car running my kids to dance, baseball, brownies etc. as soon as the parents get here. GOD BLESS YOU!!!
I posted a reply to this earlier in the day but it has not shown so maybe I hit a wrong button or it's lost somewhere.

Lately she has had an attitude about lots of things. She's always been moody but more so now and has been changing a lot this past month. Honestly I have never seen this much drama in a persons life in such a short period of time. I'm talking serious drama that she has brought on herself mostly with her lifestyle.

How do I swing the hours? I open at 8 am and usually close by 7:00 pm, never before 6:30. Why? Simple I was desperate when i took her on over a yr ago. I was in a spot where I had 1 dck that wouldn't always show. I wasnt making much money as he was state paid and I only charge when they are actually here. Anyway I went a month no calls and so I took the first 1 that came. It was a shift for 11:30-9:30 PM! I took it and worked those hours for the 1st 6 months. Finally I mentioned we needed to pull the hours back it was effecting my childs bedtime routine. She worked with me and pulled back, 1 hour. So then it was 10:30-8:30. This went on accepted because I couldnt make it with 1 kid. Finally she pulled back to the current hours of 8:30-6:30. I have just dealt with it trying to work Dr apts around her or for school functions, baseball, scouts and such I would just have to take the kid (3 yrs) with me which was a terror. He has come a long way from his original violent temper but not far enough, and with the mama drama now building more AND the 10 hr shift I can't take it! I can take drama and issues and I can take long hours. I just can not take it all together anymore! And she has started getting smart in texts of course. I have grown attached to this boy even tho he has issues so I am sad to see him leave in a way but honestly I feel some relief already.

Update from pick up: She is handling this by totally ignoring me and being as cheerful as possible to her "sweet baby" at the same time. I have never seen such fake overexpressed happiness yet not saying a word or even making eye contact with me. Today at drop off it started because she knew the notice would be there. She said 1 sentence. At pick up totally ignored me and yet was giddy with joy towards her son. Usually shes asking how he was but didnt ask. I had to laugh to myself she acted like Mary poppins on crack! She can ignore me all she wants that will just make my job easier lol

As for the possible inspection I don't worry much because my yearly state inspection was just done last week and I passed fine.

Thanks everyone for the help and advise! I really appreciate it!
Unregistered 11:15 AM 06-10-2011
After a provider gives a 2 week notice and the parent still brings the child like clockwork, can she just not bring him 1 day if she finds care? Is she still under the contract that states you must inform me if your child will not be attending daycare.... if your child will not be attending for the day you must notify me by... or the no show fee will be applied....

With DCM not saying much to me now or even making eye contact and basically doing a F u with a cherry on top, I worry she will just skip out 1 day with no notification. Since I gave a 2 week notice is she now permitted to just not show 1 day or should she call when she has found care. I don't have this gray area covered in our handbook or contract.
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