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pachai 07:56 PM 07-15-2008
I'm researching for my children's preschool.
They are close to becoming newly-licensed,
in an old facility. The State is NJ.

For now, they have 2 adult bathrooms and
are licensed for 2 classes of 12 each.

The City said that to open more classrooms
(2-3 more), there need to be more bathrooms -
and they need to be child-size.

The director is open to putting a bathroom
in each classroom...but there's a law requiring
each bathroom to have one stall "Accessible" -
that takes a lot of space away from the classroom.

I was wondering if anyone came across this
problem, and if there is a way to meet requirements
without significantly impacting the classrooms.

My thought was, if it is a child-size toilet, and it
has to be handicap-access, does it need to be
handicap-accessible for an adult?
Even if the child needs adult help in the bathroom,
the wheelchair won't be adult-size.

There are two adult-size single-use handicap-accessible
bathrooms in the facility.

Thanks for your ideas.
Unregistered 06:49 AM 07-26-2008
I ran into this issue....had to do every bathroom Handicap accessible, per my architect. I disagree since every daycare i have visited (new facilities) has multiple toilets and not necessarily handicap accessible. I sent the link below to architect, see pg 143. He refered
me back to the Access Board.
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