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ChildcareIsMyPassion 04:08 PM 02-12-2020
Hello All. I am from South Dakota and wondering if anyone has information regarding cost of a fire alarm system install in a daycare center? I have not come across much information and tried searching the forums with no success.
e.j. 11:39 AM 02-13-2020
My son is a cost estimator for a fire sprinkler/alarm company in a different state than SD but he said, based on the systems he sees in our area, he would guess it could run you $2000+. Much depends on the size of the building and your state's fire codes and regulations. His company offers free estimates; he said he would think most companies would be happy to do the same. He suggested you contact a fire alarm company in your area to ask for an estimate.
ChildcareIsMyPassion 06:46 PM 02-13-2020
Thank you for your reply! I will certainly reach out to a company near me!
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