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Soccermom 05:12 AM 10-05-2012
I am sure this has been talked about before but have you ever raised rates for new DCFs and kept existing DCFs rates the same? I want to raise my rates for all DCFs next year but for now would like to start out a new DCF at the rate I intend to start next fall.

I don't want to raise rates on my current DCFs right now because we agreed to this rate prior to school starting and I have already asked them to bring their own snacks. I also don't charge them on days they don't attend (Stupid, I know lol)

From now on, I would like to start DCFs out by paying a flat weekly rate and charging extra for morning care. 60$ for only After School care and 70$ for morning and after school care.

Is it fair to have several DCFs with the same needs at different rates? Or should I just start out any new DCFs at my current rate and raise rates next fall?
littlemissmuffet 10:10 AM 10-05-2012
I try and keep all of my families at the same rate just to simplify my own life and budget.

I raise rates every September. If a new family starts on int he summer, just before September, I'll start them at the new rate - and then my older families begin paying the new rate on September 1st.

I used to just raise rates for new families and not for my older ones, but it became too complicated and I was missing out on alot of money! I find it's best when I change rates or policies that every family must comply
Crazy8 11:35 AM 10-05-2012
I did it that way all the time - actually posted yesterday asking how to finally raise rates for my older families now. I have always brought new families in at what I'd consider my "current" rates but I wouldn't raise them for older families.
biglou 10:44 PM 10-06-2012
there is nothing wrong with charging different rates as long as you have a system that can withstand some formal scrutiny should someone challenge you about it. Of course, rates cannot be based on illegal items like race, creed, or religion. All contracts for daycare service should have a start and end date. Your rates and fees should be expressed in the contract. Of course, the contract will expire and at that time you can and should change services, the terms of the services and any fees for the services. As such, your client's fees should be different based on these conditions alone. A second benefit of this system is you are free to "test" the waters on how high you can price your services without jeopardizing your relationship with all your clients. There is no reason why a family starting with you today should be paying the same rate as a family that started 6 months ago. Costs have gone up and we all know it.


Big Lou
DaisyMamma 04:42 AM 10-07-2012
What you are asking is exactly what I would do. And this time make sure dcf are paying every week based on their schedule, not attendance.
Abigail 02:48 PM 10-07-2012
Start new families at your higher rate and eventually raise your original families some. My situation is that I started rates at a decent range to be competitive. I've only been open since January so I don't feel like it's time to raise rates by any means on my current families. Come next summer I think I will raise rates for new families by $5/week for toddlers for sure as I see more and more charging that extra $5. Then again I could always have more paid vacation days. I get five days a year paid so next year I may change it to 7 days. Not sure. I feel like I am paid well right now and do my best. I wish you luck on your decision. In the end, make sure you have a reason for your rates if anyone asks and finds out so-and-so are paying less.
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