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EchoMom 12:58 PM 09-05-2013
Just a vent...

Young 2 year old got her hands on a crayon today and quick as a cat colored all over my new ottoman. The furniture set isn't even paid off yet! Very upset.
Heidi 01:00 PM 09-05-2013
I bet if you look online, there's a way to get it off. Try googling the type of material you have...

Sorry to hear that, btw.
Scout 01:07 PM 09-05-2013
Yes!! check online! pinterest may have ideas. I just saw wd40 takes crayon off walls! hope you can find something!!
lovemylife 01:13 PM 09-05-2013
Urg! I hate it when that happens. We recently purchased our first new couch! We have always purchased used before because we were so afraid the kids would destroy it! But I got sick of buying used furniture. So far it is still in great shape. I have drilled the kiddos on not jumping on it, no shoes, sitting on the arms exc.
I agree with the others look online to see if you can find a way to clean it! Good luck!
Leigh 01:19 PM 09-05-2013
I have heard that ice and dry cleaning solvent are the way to go. I buy only washable Crayola crayons, and SO FAR have not had an issue removing it from upholstery (and walls, and windows, and the television, etc.).
Willow 01:47 PM 09-05-2013
Iron and a paper towel will get up crayon off almost any fabric.

Lay paper towel over crayon, set hot iron on top for just a few seconds at a time. The wax will warm, melt and then all pull right up into the papertowel.

Works well for crayon and candle wax on carpet and linens as well.
cheerfuldom 01:49 PM 09-05-2013
hope you get it off! That is why we moved to a bigger house with a basement. I told my husband I was not getting any new furniture till we had separate daycare space. I dont allow daycare kids on my furniture at all now. I also dont allow free access to art supplies.
MarinaVanessa 02:46 PM 09-05-2013
Aww man, no bueno . Try looking for a cleaner called Awesome. It worked for me and even works for pens and blood. I've used it on our microfiber couch.
MotherNature 06:07 PM 09-05-2013
Yikes! Hope you find something that will get it out.
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