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Sunchimes 10:23 AM 07-31-2017
Baby is on baby food working towards starting finger foods. Until now, Mom has provided the baby food, the same 3 flavors. I am about to switch to buying the food myself, but I need to know exactly what he has safely tried at home. I would swear I had a form for this, but my last non-tube fed baby was 5 years ago, so I may be confused. Search doesn't work on this phone. Could someone point me in the right direction please?
Michael 11:31 AM 07-31-2017
We don't have a thread tagged for food form. Perhaps one of our form posts contain one.

Which mobile phone do you use? After several years, I finally found the search function on my iPhone. It's in the "send" icon area at the bottom of the browser where the print function is. I didn't know I could scroll to the left to find it.
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Sunchimes 12:58 PM 08-01-2017
I have a Moto G5+. When I click the forum search box, a drop down box opens. When I click to put the cursor in it, it closes.
I just made the time to make my own. Thanks though.
Michael 04:17 PM 08-01-2017
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