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Naptime yet? 04:36 AM 01-30-2014
I have a dcf that will be going pt soon, 3 days /week, but the days will vary. How do I word in their new contract that one day is not to be substituted for another? So if they're supposed to come MWF & don't come M, they cannot substitute another day for that, but they can pay for an extra day that week.

Should I just say that? I know what I mean, but I don't know how to say it professionally.

Thank you!

My apologies if this has been covered before.
NoMoreJuice! 06:46 AM 01-30-2014
I have one part time child like that, and here's my part time clause:

Contracted days of care will consist of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. No substitutions will be allowed. If the child is absent for any reason on one of the contracted days of care, no deduction of tuition will be allowed. If the parent requests care on a non-contracted day, an additional fee of ____ is due on the day they attend at time of dropoff.

(The last sentence may not apply to you, but my contracts are all pre-paid. Parents pay me for the week on Monday morning, or they don't drop off.)

Hope this helps!
Unregistered 06:47 AM 01-30-2014
I had one that came part-time, and this is how I worded the contract under "Fees":

The part-time rate for care during standard open hours (7:30 am to 5:30 pm) on scheduled days of M T W Th F (I would circle the days we agree upon here) is $xx.00 per day. Payment is to be made for all scheduled part-time enrollment days that Daycare Name is open, regardless if child is in attendance or not. Additional days of care may be available on a first-come, first-serve basis at a drop-in care rate of $xx.00 per day. No half-day nor hourly rates are offered.
spinnymarie 06:50 AM 01-30-2014
I would say something like,
Contracted for 3 days each week to be scheduled X days/weeks in advance. Payment will be due for each of the three scheduled days regardless of attendance. Care can be requested on a non-scheduled day at a drop-in rate of $X for a fourth or fifth day of attendance, subject to approval X hours/days in advance.
Blackcat31 08:43 AM 01-30-2014
Do they give you a weekly schedule?

I have families that come 3 days a week but the family that needs different days each week basically needs a full time space since the days change from week to week so what I do is charge them a rate that is higher than a regular 3 day rate but less than a 5 day rate and then make sure they know that rate reserves ONLY 3 days a week for them and any additional days needed AFTER they give me their written schedule for that week is an additional cost.

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