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Josiegirl 03:15 AM 04-18-2021
She has a new book out called Eternal.
I know there are some LS fans here. She's a great writer.
Maybe I've read too many WW11 based novels though, because this isn't holding my interest the way her books usually do. However, if you like WW11 novels, I recommend it.

I also recently finished The Book Collectors, again a war story, about Syria. True book and it is amazing how strong and courageous people can be during war time. AND how sad and senseless war is.

But my next book has got to be either 1) mindless romance or 2) captivating mystery.
Blackcat31 07:58 AM 04-18-2021
Iíve read a couple of her books

I read one about her seeing her son on the back of a milk carton and she didnít know he was missing. It was a really good book but sad too.

I need to find the time to read more.
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