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Daycare and Taxes>Home Improvement Depreciation: Which Form?
kitkat 04:18 PM 01-27-2011
Please help! I think I've re-read this stuff too many times and have confused myself! I started child care in 06. In 09 we had a home improvement and depreciated it on the taxes last year. What form do I use this year to claim the continued depreciation...4562 or 8829? If I had a new home improvement to claim in 2010, which form would I use to depreciate that?
TomCopeland 08:58 PM 01-27-2011
Claim home improvements on Form 4562. For the first year of the home improvement claim in on line 19i. After the first year claim it on line 17.
kitkat 04:20 AM 01-28-2011
Thanks, Tom! And I sincerely mean are the greatest
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