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Abigail 08:32 PM 12-18-2010
Does anyone decorate their walls or ceilings for each season? each holiday? or just at random times of the year for a change?

We have a few stores that sell things for daycares, but I'm not a huge fan of "squares" meaning square posters they all sell. I want to create things myself and lamenating would cost wayyy to much so I will make sure they're high enough where they don't get touched. I want to know how you decorate. Share anything you've done in the past.
melskids 04:57 AM 12-19-2010
as far as laminating, i use clear contact paper. its about $6 a roll and does the job just fine!!! then i put clear packing tape all the way around the poster so the kids cant get them off the wall. of course, when the time comes to actually take everything down, it will probably pull the paint, but by then, i'm gonna need new paint anyway.
AfterSchoolMom 05:59 PM 12-19-2010
I've found that the dollar store (Dollar Tree in my area) has a pretty good selection of "classroom" decorations, cut outs, and posters. That's what I use. I also have a long rope strung between two eye hooks in the wall, and I clothespin all of the kids' artwork to it - so we have an ever changing art display that spans the whole length of one wall.
dEHmom 04:16 AM 12-20-2010
There is something, Maybe it's the contact paper mentioned above? We call it MACTAC. You can buy it at Walmart I know in the stationary/crayon/craft isles.
It's basically a self laminant. I used a big square of it to protect my computer desk. Its that cheap laminant particle board, and after a few weeks starts to wear and bubble if you use the mouse on it, or put drinks down etc. It also worked wonders for the mousepad. But whenever we do crafts, or some sort of book that we make etc, we mactac it. It's a giant roll of clear sticker.
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