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CountryRoads 02:24 PM 10-11-2019
Do you put your infants in their carseat for parents? I sometimes do, but I don't like to tighten them. I'm always afraid I'll get it too tight, so I leave that to the parents. I like to have them ready to go when parents get here.

I didn't put dcg in her seat today and it was kind of awkward waiting for the parent to put her in lol

Jus curious what you all do?
Cat Herder 02:40 PM 10-11-2019
I don't allow car seats here. They stay in their parents' car.
284878 03:19 PM 10-11-2019
I did with my first family to speed up DCM but it would never work, she still would not leave and DCB would fall asleep in the car seat.

After that I said no car seats because they can transfer fleas, lice and bed bugs. But really I don't allow them because of the liability.

DCM would try to accuses me of playing with the straps and twisting them or allowing my DD too.

But I did read somewhere that if you strap them in or install the seat and something happens they can blame you for the child being hurt. Not a risk that I want to take.
springv 03:20 PM 10-11-2019
We have a designated spot within our center to put carseats if they bring one
jenboo 06:00 PM 10-11-2019
I don't allow them to come inside.
Meeko 07:37 AM 10-13-2019
I hate to think what carseats look like under a microscope. I've seen some really, really, really scary ones. I won't have them in my house.

Too bulky to store. To disgustingly filthy to be in my house.
hwichlaz 12:30 PM 10-15-2019
I normally don't allow them, but I have a tube fed kid that comes in in her's. She needs to be jostled as little as possible during a feed...and her feeds are so long and slow right now that they'd never get out the door. I buckle her in, nice and tight because mom does it too loose, and start her last feed about 15min before mom gets here.
Snowmom 12:47 PM 10-15-2019
I won't touch another family's carseat for liability reasons.

I also don't allow them inside or outside my home for both sanitary and liability reasons.
Pestle 02:46 PM 10-15-2019
I don't permit carseats.

Even if I did, I certainly wouldn't buckle the kids myself. Too much room for a lawsuit if they were in an accident afterward.
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