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winkiedee 01:45 PM 05-24-2012
I am new to the forum as of today and to make a long story short my problem is money. I opened almost 5 yrs ago and have been full (licensed for 112) most of the time. I have dropped 25 kids recently and most is due to the economy. I know closer to when school starts I will get alot of kids again, but since I have been open I havent had any spare money, no cushion for down time like now. I am so depressed about this! I have a good facility but not enough money coming in. My rates are compatable with other centers. Any suggestions are welcomed please!
Blackcat31 01:46 PM 05-24-2012
Are you pre-pay or post pay? Do you charge per space or for only when the children are there?

I asked a bunch of questions in your other thread too so hopefully I, or someone else has some ideas for you to try....
Michael 01:58 PM 05-24-2012
Since you are comparable to other centers I wonder if you charge extra fees for early drop off or late pickup? I would imagine there are also some extra perks that could generate money with such a large client base.

Here are some threads on fundraising:
MizzCheryl 07:10 PM 05-24-2012
Can you ask your staff to volunteer for temporary layoff weeks.
winkiedee 07:22 PM 05-24-2012
they have cut back on hours...
DaisyMamma 05:56 AM 05-25-2012
All good ideas. Make sure those late and early fees are strict especially.

It sounds like you might need to lay off a couple of employees. Good luck.
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