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Unregistered 05:20 AM 02-10-2014
Does anyone in Michigan know if you are able to use a separate building on your property for daycare or only your home? I may have found the perfect property with a 2000 square foot indoor pool room that I would love to turn into a group daycare. I know you have to live in your home for it to be considered a home daycare and not a center but I was hoping someone would know the rules regarding outbuildings? Thank you for your help?
NoMoreJuice! 06:57 AM 02-10-2014
You definitely should check with both the City and County in which the property resides. In my experience, the city has just as many, if not more restrictions than the county. Call City hall clerk or the County clerk!
Unregistered 07:06 AM 02-10-2014
Zoning would be my next step.I already have a special use permit where I run my daycare now.Just wondering if it's evn an option regarding licensing rules.
It says in the hand book.Premises means the home in which the registar resides which includes any attached yard,garage,or outbuildings. The wording makes it sounds like it has to be attached but I think they were just talking about an attached yard,not an attached building? I should probably call my liscensor. I think the word outbuilding would include the separate building? So confused?
Unregistered 05:47 AM 02-12-2014
I still haven't heard back from licensing. Anyone else know any information?
Unregistered 08:35 AM 02-12-2014
In case anyone was interested in the outcome. No you may not use an outbuilding.
It would be considered a center unless it was attached Super bummed!!!
rebekki78 08:00 PM 02-14-2014
Good question though, I had no idea either way!
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