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CountryRoads 03:29 PM 10-16-2020
Anytime I have a dcp dropping off or picking up, or anytime I have my inspector over or someone stops by, I have a few kids who lose their minds. I lose all control of these kids and chaos breaks out. My stress levels go up anytime someone opens the door

When I know someone is coming, I will have a talk with everyone beforehand and explain that they need to stay in their seats and follow the rules. They all say "okay", but as soon as someone opens the door they get up, run around, yell, etc.

We do stations at the end of the day (pick-up time), so everyone is busy doing something. I also hope it keeps them in their seats. But, it never fails. They get up, run around, start chasing each other as soon as someone comes in. They forget all my rules. I will tell them to go sit, stay in the chair, etc. and they sit for 2 seconds then are up again.

I don't want to yell at the kids in front of dcp, but I have to keep control.

Any advice?
dolores 05:18 PM 10-16-2020
I currently don't let parents in due to pandemic but am having this issue too at pickup when I'm handing children off to parents. I want the kids to be close to me during those times but I have an open floor plan and they use this opportunity to run (literally) amok. I purposely start a group activity in the pickup area so they would remain engaged when I have to escort a child to door but that does not work. I've been looking at dividers and for ideas to contain them but unless it is a wall which is not an option, they would not work in my space.
PS: I have mostly boys, 2 yo-4yo
Sunshine69 03:41 AM 10-17-2020
There’s not many people coming in now due to Covid.

In the past most of my kids get quiet and clingy when someone enters.

Weather permitting, I find it easier to be outside at the end of the day. Kids are already dressed to go and it makes for quicker parent pick-up.

If we’re inside, I usually have a coloring page for them to keep them in their seats during pick-up time.
Cat Herder 05:09 AM 10-19-2020
I usually break out a toy kit they don't usually have access to for inspections and have them all come to the big rug to play with it as a group. Giant waffle blocks, cardboard blocks or pop-up tunnels work great.

For daily pick-ups, I don't have to do anything because I do them outside. I walk the children to the door, say goodbye and close the door.
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