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Kim 08:15 AM 08-29-2012
I need to replace my two old pack n plays and am thinking of replacing them with two Graco Travel Lite cribs.

In my state infants must nap in a crib until they are at least one year. Most of the time they stay in cribs with me until they are close to 18 months/2 years though. I was looking at the Graco ones because they are smaller and take up less space than the older port a cribs I have now. I hate that the cribs take up so much space in my already cramped playroom. I don't have a separate napping room. It says it's for infants under 35" tall and 30lbs and measures 32"H x 33.5"W x 23"D. Does anyone have one to give me their opinion on it? I've seen them online but they aren't in stores to see in person. I'm wondering if they would be too small.
Nickel 09:38 AM 08-29-2012
I also thought about getting these. But I felt the same way, wondering if they were too small. But my almost three year old is only 31 pounds now, so that might work. I would love to hear more about them too
cherryhill 09:54 AM 08-29-2012
I love it, I like the fact it has three levels that adapt for growing babies. it will work if you just want to use it until the baby turns a year otherwise length might be a problem. It's a pain to pack away when your using stage one and two,but it takes up little room. I was a good investment for me.
Kim 10:05 AM 08-29-2012
Originally Posted by cherryhill:
I love it, I like the fact it has three levels that adapt for growing babies. it wi work if you just want to use it until the baby tournament a year otherwise length might be a problem. It's a pain to pack away when your using stage one and two,but it takes up little room. I was a good investment for me.
Thanks! Sounds like they will work for me then. The regular size PNP take up so much space for the little bit they are used for a nap or two.
Nickel 10:25 AM 08-29-2012
I didn't even realize it has three levels. I'm going to have to go look at amazon now and read what all it has. Does anyone know where to buy sheets for it? Can it use regular size pnp sheets or special ones?

Kim 10:30 AM 08-29-2012
it takes smaller sheets made specifically to fit it. I've read that a king size pillow case will fit too but my licensing regulations require a snug fitting sheet so I won't be able to get away with that. I'll have to buy the ones made for it.
I wonder if bassinet sheets would fit though?
Kim 06:42 PM 09-23-2012
Just wanted to update. I went to Toys R Us during their trade in event and traded in my 2 old pnp's for 2 of the Graco Travel Lite cribs. I love that they don't take up as much space! Right now I have a 5 month old and a 10 month old in care and they fit just fine in them with room to spare. I bought TRU brand bassinet sheets for them rather than the Graco brand Travel Lite sheets because they were cheaper and they fit perfectly.

Old clunky PNP's...

New Graco Travel Lite PNP's...taking up lots less space!

renodeb 10:35 AM 09-24-2012
Wow, a lot less space!
Nickel 11:45 AM 09-24-2012
Very nice! I just found one at a consignment sale for $20!!! It was missing the bassinet fabric but had all the rails... I snatched it up. I can use it without the basinett because I am tall enough to reach down into the bottom of the crib. I honestly LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

I can't wait to replace my second one and then I can actually use that second room for more than just sleeping! I have the library and reading area in there as well as the science area and dress up area but the pnp take up so much space it is hard to walk around in there! But with these babies we will have plenty of room!!!!

I also love that they fit through my doorways. So in case of an emergency I can put the 2 littlest ones in there and roll them right out the door!!!
Mommy2One 01:02 PM 09-24-2012
We had a Graco Travel Lite Crib for our daughter instead of a bassinet or regular PNP. It was her main place to sleep for the first 4-6 months (while she slept in our room). I LOVED it and recommend it to everyone. It fits through doorways without collapsing so she could stay in the living room with us in the evening then roll into our bedroom without getting woken up. I bought 3 fitted sheets for it from Babies R Us but ended up using receiving blankets. They tucked around the edges of the mattress perfectly and I never had issues with it coming loose. Our daughter was/is tall for her age so we ended up upgrading to a regular PNP just after her first birthday for travel and naps at our provider's house. It just looked too small for comfort. I got mine on Craigslist for about $30 and ended up reselling it for around $15 (to a teen mom who I knew needed a really good deal).
Crazy8 06:17 PM 09-24-2012
I just looked at them this weekend but felt they were too small. Good for an infant but I keep them in the pnp's till about 2 years old and I couldn't see my 19-20 month olds fitting in there comfortably.
Nickel 06:27 PM 09-24-2012
I think it depends on the size of the child? I transition mine to a cot between 12-18 months. Today I had a 12 month old start and I put her right on the mat and she did great! Personally I'd rather do the mats because I can fold them up and put them away and have more space to play!!! That being said when I need the pnp I'd much rather have the smaller one. I do so love it and I love the fact that I can bend over and reach the bottom when I have to! I personally love them!!!
DaisyMamma 03:58 AM 09-25-2012
I want one!
countrymom 05:38 AM 09-25-2012
cute, but I keep mine in pnp till 2 and sometime older (because I always end up with naughty ones) I have the next size, they are smaller than the older ones.
NiNi.R. 12:17 PM 09-25-2012
My step mom just bought one of these for $20.00 for the grandkid room at their house. I may have to swap it out for one of my full size ones. I think I could probably fit it into my living room for the infant getting ready to start instead of me having to do a bunch of rearranging.
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