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TwinKristi 07:10 PM 10-04-2014
So I know several people have said the Rock N Play Sleepers and bassinets aren't permitted in childcare, but does anyone know what besides a huge Pack N Play is? Does anyone know if a mini-pack n play with a bassinet insert is acceptable? I don't have the room for a 3rd PNP but have a young infant starting. I found that the mini-Arms Reach CoSleeper converts to a bassinet and mini play yard. It folds down with the bassinet setting in place which would be a HUGE bonus for me. I have a class on Thurs about SIDS prevention so I will ask then, but does anyone have info? She starts Monday and I need info before Thurs!
Michael 07:51 PM 10-04-2014
Here are your standards:
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