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SilverSabre25 07:35 AM 03-25-2011
I think I'm going to take one of our older pack n plays and make it an outdoor pack n play for infants to play in. If you've done this, do you use a sheet over the mattress, or just leave it the way it is?

I'm not going to leave it out ALL the time, mind you--it'll get taken inside each day, just like I do with our outdoor Exersaucer.
heyhun77 07:58 AM 03-25-2011
I had a VERY fussy/colicy infant two summers ago so I had a pack and play outside the whole summer. I didn't bring it in, just used bungy straps and a tarp to cover it every day. I did put a sheet on it and just changed it every morning.

It's not for everyone but I have enough things that I move back and forth every day so the pack and play took one for the team. It was about to be retired anyway so it got some sun in it's old age. :-)
youretooloud 08:06 AM 03-25-2011
I have a REALLLLY old full size playpen. It's actually orange and gold... and it was apparently sold when mushrooms were considered decorative.

I use that outside when I have a very little one, who either doesn't crawl well or isn't walking, but would like to be outside. I don't even put the pad down anymore. I just use the wood bottom.
DCMom 08:34 AM 03-25-2011
I have an 'outdoor' pack and play. I just take the mattress in and out everyday and I don't put sheets on it. I just wipe it down with Clorox wipes daily. The frame I fold up and put in the playhouse on Friday afternoon~that way it is somewhat protected from the elements over the weekend.
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