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findingsolutions 08:37 AM 08-15-2013
Hello, I am new to the forum but i have read a lot of posts on this site regarding people looking for space to open their day cares. I know there are other websites to display real estate but i feel strongly about this particular use. I have a 7,000 SF building in Pittston PA that I had fit out for a daycare a couple years back.(spent roughly 100k on improvements to the building, converting from office to Daycare use, to comply with all state and federal daycare requirements) The Daycare owner that i had leased the space too had over extended themselves by taking on to many new projects and could not make the monthly payments which are currently about $5,000 / Month not including utilities. The building is divided into (4) sections, (3) finished classrooms and (1) 2,000 sf unfinished warehouse space that was intended to be changed into an indoor rec area for days when weather did not permit the children to be outside. It is currently set up to handle approx. 70 Children with the ability to expand to an accommodate an additional 30 +/-. The building was built out to include kitchen facilities, secure entry vestibule with reception window, right height toilets and water fountains, motion sensing lights, etc. It is located right off of I-81 and I-476 next to a new super walmart and is within close proximity to office parks and residential homes. I feel that someone with some knowledge of the industry in that area could be very successful in this space. I can send floor plans and pictures if you are interested. Thank you all for dedicating your time and efforts to the development of the next generation.
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