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Newteach 08:39 PM 09-14-2018
It might be wrong but sometimes I feel like people want a certain teacher to be bad so it makes them look better when they swoop in and save the day. I'm an assistant teacher and children do fine with me. but a couple of my coteachers have been making sure to point out what I am doing wrong, or tell me the obvious to make it seem like they are directing or supervising me.
One of the teachers will swoop in after I've taken care of a situation with a child and make it seem like she resolved the problem. Anytime I make a "mistake", I've watched her rush over to another teacher to make it seem like something terrible just happened. One time I walked in the room and she was clearly stressed and overwhelmed with the children, but as soon as she spotted me, she pretended like she was playing with them!

I know for a fact they have been gossiping about me. It really bugs me because due to their constant gossiping about me, none of the teachers, or even the director, have confidence in me being alone in their class even though the other assistant teacher struggles with them and they allow her. No matter how much times she's lost control of the class they will never berate her because she's a part of the teacher clique. (I'm excluded because I refuse to gossip about anyone so I've never liked hanging out with them) its almost like its a form of initiation into the gang.

I love the kids but my center is too small so I've considered quitting because I don't want to coteach with such toxic people
Silly Songs 11:39 PM 09-14-2018
You have a few choices here. I also work in a center and women/ girls working together can get messy.
Try to be the peace maker. Instead of dividing one another, suggest activities to work together for the good of the class.

Leave ! If it gets too much put in your notice and find another job. There may be another center with nicer employees and management where you will feel more comfortable.

Speak to your co workers about how you feel. Tell the leader of the pack that you really appreciate all her help and hope to grow as a teacher. Explain you arenít comfortable when she rushes in so quickly to fix things, and suggest other ways she can support you. Compliment here way of doing things from time to time. Kindness is catchy !
Whatever you decide to do, be sure you hold your head up and donít get involved in any pettiness. Just do your job and wait it out. You will come out as the bigger person.
flying_babyb 08:54 PM 09-15-2018
Omg!! Your describing my job. I feel like two people are gunning for me and no matter what happens I get blamed. Oh and my coteacher tells me I do everything wrong...
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