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MissAnn 09:10 AM 10-16-2013
I bought this one

Am I supposed to take the cover off or leave it on? With it on, the temps are around 96.8 but with them off they are close to 100.

I hope they are supposed to be on.....otherwise all my kids are sick and have almost high enough temps to have to go home. off?

I'd really like to know though......
TwinKristi 09:13 AM 10-16-2013
It says probe covers not required on the link. Did you try it on yourself? Do you have a 2nd type of thermometer to see what that says?
Leigh 10:12 AM 10-16-2013
I use mine with no probe cover, and find it to be as accurate as my mercury thermometer.
mema 10:22 AM 10-16-2013
Take off the clear cover so the blue part is on the forehead.
Cradle2crayons 10:45 AM 10-16-2013
I have one JUST like that. Awesome thermometer!!

The clear cover is just to protect the sensor. You HAVE to remove it to get an accurate temperature.

And I use mine without any disposable cover and just clean the sensor between uses.
SunnyDay 10:54 AM 10-16-2013
Definitely take the cap off. Maybe you got a defective one, though? I have the same one and when I have accidentally forgotten to take the cap off, I get temps in the 70s.
MissAnn 06:10 AM 10-17-2013
Figured it out!!!!!! I found this online:

My TemporalScanner seems to read high.
Your TemporalScanner is measuring core body temperature, which is about 1F (0.5C) higher
than an oral temperature and 2F (1C) higher than an underarm temperature. Core body
temperature is the operating temperature in deep structures of your body (e.g. liver and other
organs) versus simply the peripheral or surface tissue. Core body temperature has traditionally
been measured rectally; however, your TemporalScanner provides a comparable and accurate
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