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Josiegirl 04:42 PM 12-26-2015
I need to buy a new thermometer and went online to amazon to get one. I didn't realize there were so many kinds! So of course I'm confused. I didn't realize they had non-touch thermometers. The one I have now is a Braun ear one, pretty old. According to the reviews the no-contact ones seem to work pretty well. Do you all agree? Or have something else you like more?
Thriftylady 04:49 PM 12-26-2015
I have an oral one and a forehead one. Guess I am old school but I prefer the oral one.
Leigh 04:54 PM 12-26-2015
I did a ton of research a few years ago. At the time, the Exergen temporal was the most accurate thermometer for under $100. I love mine.
Claraskids 05:48 PM 12-26-2015
We just invested in one that is used on the forehead a few months ago. A bit expensive, but I love it for a few reasons.
One, it is great on wiggly little ones who can't keep thermometers in their mouth long enough for an accurate temp. Two, I like being able to use it on kids when they are sleeping without disturbing them. Finally, if someone has just drank or had an Icee, it won't change the reading.
Michael 07:32 PM 12-26-2015
Here's a good thread:
MunchkinWrangler 08:59 PM 12-26-2015
I use an ear thermometer, I check both ears. You just swab with alcohol after. It's worked well as long as you get it in the ear canal right and it's fast, you hold the button for one second. So far, I haven't had any kids get mad at it. I paid $30 for mine. Good investment so far!
MunchkinWrangler 09:01 PM 12-26-2015
Oh haha, you already have one!
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