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Sunchimes 11:58 AM 05-23-2017
Read the 2016 thread about which thermometer. I currently use a digital under their arm. I had an ear one, but my doctor said they weren't reliable for infants because their ear canal were too small. Have you heard that?

My dcks are 7 months to 3 years. Opinions, especially for the infant. Temporal, ear, or underarm?
Leigh 12:22 PM 05-23-2017
I have the Exergen temporal and love it. I chose it after MUCH research on which would be most effective. The ear thermometers are as effective as the temporal, BUUUUUT, waxy ears, small or odd shaped ear canals can cause an inaccurate reading.
finsup 09:01 AM 05-24-2017
I have one that is both a forehead and ear one. I love it so much more then my old standard ones. I could never get a good reading under the arm anyways. I do keep a basic digital on hand for little babies if I am concerned enough to do a rectal temp, but now that I've got the forehead/ear one, I'm definitely trying those first!
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