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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>No-Contact Thermometer??
DCMomOf3 08:06 AM 01-21-2011
it's a no-contact thermometer and paci medicine dropper.

I'm curious if anyone as heard of or used a thermometer like this.

SilverSabre25 08:08 AM 01-21-2011
lol I'm contemplating getting that exact one!!!!
lil angels 09:20 AM 01-21-2011
I have a thermometer that you swipe across the forehead and it seems to give a different reading every time but is close. and the paci as soon as baby starts getting the meds they stop sucking unless it is something yummy.
MARSTELAC 09:32 AM 01-21-2011
I've never seen it but I just ordered it! I cannot stand any of the thermometers I currently own :-(. I won't use the pacifier thing-a-ma-bob but am excited to try the new thermometer! I checked a few places on-line and this looks like the best deal so far. I will let you all know how I like it! (or don't like it).
MarinaVanessa 11:00 AM 01-21-2011
Wow that's kind of cool. I have a forehead thermometer and stick on temperature strips but they aren't always accurate so if it's a little high I'll retake the temp using an oral thermometer to get an exact reading so I'm curious if this type of thermometer gives an accurate reading or not.

I have a paci-thermometer for the babies but I have never seen a paci-medicine dispencer. I love that idea for my own baby. I always have to wait for my baby to open his mouth and then aim for the back of the throat to get him to take it so even though I wouldn't need it for daycare I would love having something like this for personal use. Awsome.
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