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springv 06:05 PM 07-03-2019
Good evening guys,
I just want to throw this out there just for curiosity sake. We have a policy book that was started by our boss but was requested by a former employee to start and hasn't been updated in a while. We are having a meeting to discuss some issues that's been going on regarding parents and the relationship between an employee and parents and we've got a cell phone policy in place but its lenient but here lately has gotten stricter. Some of the things that will be discussed at our meeting are headphone useage, cell phone usage, and how to talk to parents and what to do in the mornings with the children because some of our teachers are great with the kids but they dont have the skills to run a classroom effectively and also to greet the parents and the children when they walk in the door in the mornings. Here's our cell phone policy:
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sahm1225 06:12 PM 07-03-2019
Iím not sure what your question is?

But for a cell phone policy, I would also add that they canít take pictures of the kid or post anything on social media that can be tied back to the daycare.
springv 06:57 AM 07-04-2019
What are some of your policies that you use for your employees? Sorry I didn't add that part
Michael 02:03 PM 07-04-2019
Here are some more threads on Cell Phone Policy:
HHangout 08:29 PM 07-31-2019
I say NO cell phones. Get walkie talkies or install an outside phone for outside. People call main office for emergencies.

However, as Director I had my phone with me for reminders like a child's meds and such. It was out for lesson planning. Kids were always included in lesson planning and such.

But so many staff had phones for FB, texting, Snapchat, etc. Missed a lot with the kids. I used to allow phones and they could periodically use it for a moment for important texting if they give me a heads up and used proper judgement on timing. I was in the room with staff and Injust asked for a wave with the phone or similar. But some staff abused it. One new hire CONSTANTLY had it out, ignored my compromise and got angry with me and made a complaint-I had to have a formal meeting with the bosses bosses boss. No worries as she didnt pass her background check, had 2 pages of documentation on her in like 3 weeks, and was banned from returning when her probation was lifted.
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