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daycare 06:39 PM 06-03-2011
So I have a family with two siblings in my care who just turned in notice. I was a little shocked that they gave notice, as they were supposed to be out on maternity leave starting next week.

So I already had two calls for their spots and one of the families would need to start sooner than the spot will be open. The kids will be here still for two more weeks, this family needs to start in one week.

Have you ever ended a client that was still serving their two weeks notice early so taht you could fill their spot? I want to do this, but then that would mean that i would lose the income of both of the children right awa, becuase I am sure that they are not going to send one child but not the other.

NOt sure that I can afford to do that right now.
Mom_of_two 07:33 PM 06-03-2011
I personally would not. If the family took appropriate actions giving notice, as asked by you and/or their contract, I think the spot is theirs until they no longer need it (last day of notice.) We do not like when families break their contracts I do not feel it is ok for us to do it.
daycare 07:46 PM 06-03-2011
I agree, the only reason that i even thought about it was because they were supposed to go on maternity leave and had already planned to be gone, but were going to attend 2 days a week.
Unregistered 08:21 AM 06-04-2011
Do you have a back up provider, were the new family can go for one week, until you have the spot open?
sahm1225 07:47 PM 06-04-2011
Can you call your licensing rep and ask for a variance for one week?
daycare 08:23 PM 06-04-2011
They just moved here so they don't have back up.

I dont think CA LIC will allow a variance ever, but I have never asked
Unregistered 08:21 AM 06-05-2011
I disagree-they would not hesitate to leave early if that is what was best for their family. I would refund one week and start the other family provided they paid my required one week deposit and were fully enrolled. I am sorry but one thing I have learned is that families will do what is best regardless of you and now I feel the same. What is best for me is to keep daycare full and my income coming in. The family leaving may have the option of using back up for the week anyway and may only be giving 2 week notice as you require it. As long as you refund them the week they cannot use -that's what I would do.
sahm1225 01:37 PM 06-05-2011
I like OP about refunding for the last week - specially since it's only for 2 days that they are losing.

I would also call licensing and ask- you never know!
SimpleMom 06:07 PM 06-05-2011
Could you get a variance for the last week or so?
My Daycare 12:16 AM 06-06-2011
Will hiring an assistant for 1 week enable you to have higher numbers? If you really want this family, then it may be worth it.
morgan24 04:40 AM 06-06-2011
Since they are already on maternity leave, I would refund their money and start the new family. I'm in MI and I have never heard of them giving a variance either and the two weeks would be over before you ever heard back from them anyway.
daysofelijah 05:38 AM 06-06-2011
I don't think it would hurt to ask. Explain the situation and offer to refund the last week notice if they don't need to use it.
Sunshine44 06:37 AM 06-06-2011
I'd talk to them about it. Maybe explain your situation and talk to them about the option of refunding the money...
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