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jenny31052 05:26 PM 03-09-2012
I try to be short, I will explain more if needed...

Yesterday daycare boy gets picked up at lunch time - Mom is all sad, and can't barely tell me that she is quitting her job.
She asked: "So I guess I have to give you the 2 weeks notice right?", I said, yes, either the child attend for 2 weeks, or she can keep him home, but I will still need to get paid for both weeks.

She said: "Oh, I just keep her home starting on Monday, and I will pay you for the 2 weeks". I said, ok! that will work.

So, after she left, I re-grouped, and realized that I needed to replace him. I called 2 people from my waiting list, and one of them promptly called me back and was eager to come over to give a deposit to hold the spot for them.

I did take that deposit for this new child early this morning.

In the early afternoon, the child that is supposed to "quit", got picked up.Mom now tells me that she is not sure she will be quitting, and that she will need to talk to HR at work. I was shocked, I let her leave and I didn't say anything right there, and then.

Now, what do I do??? This new child is starting on Monday. My licensor told me to just keep the new one, and told the others that since they told me that she was quitting I actively recruited a new family...My husband told me the same...

What do I do now?? What do I say???

I asked the Mom to let me know by tonight if the child will be back or not. She said, that she won't know until Monday.

I can't really be in a limbo like this...but I know that it's up to me what to do...

I would honestly not miss the dck that is supposed to leave. He is a biter, he always fussy, the parents are not reliable, and have an hard time following policies.

Should I give them a two weeks notice? Explaning that since they told me that they were pulling the child out, I found someone else?

What about the other family?? ugh...
small_steps 05:30 PM 03-09-2012
I would just go with the new family. Will you be over ratio if you were to keep the old one for the 2 week period? I would gave me notice. I had a waiting list. This is my income and I have got to make sure I replace the income I'm losing with you as soon as possible.
She shouldn't be so wishy washy.
jenny31052 05:43 PM 03-09-2012
Thanks Small Steps

Yes, I would be over-ration
daycare 05:50 PM 03-09-2012
I would let the new family leave as well. The mom does not sound like she has a solid idea of what is going on. If you were to turn away the new family, mom could come to you any day next week and say oh well looks like I was right, I am quitting my job...

Let them go. Call her now and tell her. If she says why didnt you tell me at pickup, you can say, because I needed to keep my attention on the other children in my care...
kendallina 05:50 PM 03-09-2012
Go with the new family. You may want to consider having families complete a short form when they are withdrawing from the program. That way, you have paperwork to back you up and also families will only give notice if they are certain.
cheerfuldom 08:02 PM 03-09-2012
Let the old family go as mom gave her notice. Did she pay the two weeks already? Either way, you based your decision on what she said. Its too late to go back AND this old family sounds like you are happy to have them move on. She had to learn the hard way....dont give notice if you arent sure. People cant stop their lives and be waiting around for her to figure out what she is going to do. Thats not your problem.
WImom 05:43 AM 03-10-2012
I'd go with the new family too. I also agree with a short form for next time. Have them sign something right then when they give you two weeks and that way you have something in writing.

Would your licensor let you be over for a week or two so that old family can get new daycare?
meganlavonnesmommy 05:56 AM 03-10-2012
I would go with the new family too.
And in the future, have families sign a "termination" letter when they give notice.
I have a short for that just states when their last day of care is, and what the last day of financial responsibility is.

Something like

"this form serves as my official 2 week notice of termination. Johnny's last day of care will be 3-15-12. My last day of financial responsibility will be 3-29-12. Payment for services is due through 3-29-12. "

Then have both you and the parent sign the form.
CheekyChick 10:20 AM 03-11-2012
She gave her verbal two week notice and she gave her verbal agreement to keep her son home. I would send her an e-mail today that states that since she gave you her two week notice AND said she would keep her son home, you enrolled a new child on your waiting list which will start on Monday. I would apologize up and down, tell her you feel horrible, and wish her the best.
Lucy 06:24 PM 03-11-2012
I have to disagree. She gave you nothing in writing. I would say you have to keep the child.

You could always give her YOUR two weeks notice and go ahead and take the new family. But I feel like if she didn't give you written notice, it's not official.
MarinaVanessa 06:32 PM 03-11-2012
Originally Posted by Lucy:
I have to disagree. She gave you nothing in writing. I would say you have to keep the child.

You could always give her YOUR two weeks notice and go ahead and take the new family. But I feel like if she didn't give you written notice, it's not official.
I'm sorry but I have to agree with Lucy on this one ... that is, if your contract requires that they give a notice of termination in writing. What does your contract say?
Mom&Provider 06:43 AM 03-12-2012
I think you have every right to keep the new family. Switch the situation for a minute - if it were you who told DCM that you could no longer care for her child (verbally) and she went and found someone else to care for her child, I'm pretty sure she'd leave your care even if you came back and said you could continue care now. She'd leave not only because she had found someone else, but because she'd start to become concerned over how secure her care was with you, just as you have now started to question whether or not she could walk at any moment when she does/if she quit her job - neither of you can live with that situation fairly.

This is a business and you can't wait around or do business with someone who will flip flop about care like that IMO.
mooredmm 07:11 AM 03-12-2012
What did you decide to do? It is always a good idea to get something in writing saying they are giving their two week notice. Just say something to the effect of "Thank you for letting me know about your situation. Your two week notice will go into effect as soon as you give me a written notice." As flakey as this parent seems and the fact that you have issues with the child anyhow, I would have said, "I'm sorry, but as per our conversation today I have already filled the space."
MrsB 07:28 AM 03-12-2012
I would say in the future dont do anything WITHOUT written notice. I have a termination letter that I hand to the parents and state that if you want the 2 weeks to start today, then you need to sign and turn it in today.

In this situation, from a legal standpoint, I would think the verbal contract would stand up in court.

Definately go with the new family!
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