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Parents and Guardians Forum>Why is DCFS Licensing Daycares?
maccupiccu9 12:56 PM 08-17-2010
I would like to know why DCFS licenses daycares when they aren't close to AAP standards? For example, AAP ratio per teacher is lower. Plus to me, DCFS can barely handle their cases properly, how are they the experts in creating standards for care of a child?
MyAngels 03:14 PM 08-17-2010
The State of Illinois has mandated that DCFS is in charge of enforcing daycare standards in the State of Illinois (both daycare center and home based daycare), and that's why they do it. I would imagine it's a thankless job, at best. I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say they can't handle their cases properly, but every licensing rep I've come in contact with has been above reproach in their professionalism and caring about their caseload.

If you want a center with lower teacher/child ratios then you should make sure to explore all possibilities until you find the type of care that you are looking for, whether it's a daycare center or a home based facility.
kendallina 03:56 PM 08-18-2010
Licensing standards are the very basic standards of care for child care. And all child care centers are required to adhere to those rules.

There are other voluntary accreditation organizations that look at the basic standards as well as other standards of care (curriculum, better teacher/child ratios, encouraging better interactions, etc), National Association for Education of Young Children is one of these organizations.

Many states also have voluntary rating systems, which usually expect higher standards of care than the basic licensing standards. In California, it is Desired Results (which is required for state funded centers) and in Ohio it's the Step Up to Quality rating system.

Perhaps you can check in your area and find out if there are centers/family homes that follow either NAEYC guidelines or National Association for Family Child Care or the state voluntary system, if your state has one.

By the way, where on AAP's website do they talk about teacher/child ratios, I wasn't able to find it?
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