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pootmcgoot 11:55 AM 06-19-2012
I loved the posts about you ladies revising your toys and going to a more natural, open ended sort of play. I love parts of the waldorf method and have made my daughter toys.

Recently I stocked up on little people, plastic toys and stuff that other kids seem to be interested in, in anticipation of adding a few more kiddos to my daycare after I shift from only having 1 infant.

I've made waldorf dolls. I've made wooden blocks, nesting toys, peg dolls, dress up stuff etc. It takes a lot of effort and thought. Buying natural, open ended wooden toys is EXPENSIVE. Let me tell you...Even making them is expensive!

So, the question is: Do parents even CARE? Do they care their kids are playing with a one of a kind doll that took 10 hours to make, have love sewn into her and fosters creativity and imagination? Or do they just see a doll?

As a small, in home day care, does it even matter if we have a sort of "style" to child care?

I wish they cared. I am really wishy washy on wanting to invest my time in making these toys and projects when parents won't even notice.

What has your experience been?
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