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Unregistered 11:48 AM 09-05-2012
I gave my notice to the state and said I will not need my license and will mail it back. They said they need to come out and make sure I don't have kids.

Personally I am a bit preturbed by that. If I am not licensed anymore who says I have to let you on my property and through my house. I am giving up that obligation.

Has anyone ever shut down there daycare? and what did you have to deal with?

Heidi 11:54 AM 09-05-2012
In our state, you just have to send them written notice. They do not come out to check, unless later on, someone reports that you are doing illegal childcare. Then, they'll come.

If you are taking a job outside the home, I would just tell them that in writing. They can still come knock on the door, etc, but there won't be anyone around to let them in.

I am sure there must be something written in your regs about the procedure. I would ask them WHERE. If they say it's not written, then say "then you may NOT come here". Be aware, however, that if you ever change your mind and want to be licensed again later, they could make it difficult for you if you seem uncooperative. So, if that's a possibility, I wouldn't burn your bridges.
crazydaycarelady 11:56 AM 09-05-2012
My friend (here in Montana) just never sent her renewal stuff in and never said a word to anyone. She hasn't heard a word from them in 2 years.

I agree that you are under no obligation to let ANYONE into your house if you aren't a licensed daycare anymore.
Unregistered 11:57 AM 09-05-2012
Well that is what I was thinking. If I have no kids I could be running errands, on a job interview, taking a nap resting and who is to say I am home.

I will ask them in the regs where it states it. I couldn't find anything where it spelled it out.
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