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amber 10:52 AM 08-23-2013
Hi everyone. I am glad I found this forum. I am collecting information on starting a daycare at a second residence. I have the capability of purchasing a second smaller home (I think ) and I have a background in infant development. I'm hoping to acquire information about knowing exactly what I'm getting myself into.

I'm in the state of Missouri and would love to hear from people in my state.
Blackcat31 11:12 AM 08-23-2013
Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us!

I own and run a family child care out of a second residence.

I do not live in my daycare house.

I am in MN so I am not familiar with your area/state rules and regulations but if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help if I can.
Maria2013 11:23 AM 08-23-2013
welcome to the group, hope you find all that you're looking for

good luck to you
butterfly 12:00 PM 08-23-2013
Welcome! and good luck!!
Michael 12:15 PM 08-23-2013
Welcome to the forum!
AmyKidsCo 03:46 PM 08-23-2013
Tiny'smom 01:41 PM 10-25-2013
Hi Amber, I am new here as well. I am also trying to start my own daycare in a home I do not live in. I wouldn't mind letting you know anything I find out if you have not already found out what you need to know. I go to a class with information and to fill out the application next month. If you have any information you wouldn't mind sharing I'd appreciate it also. I hope everything works out for us both
daycare 01:53 PM 10-25-2013
hello...... welcome.... I also don't have that type of info, but I could give you an ear full of plenty of other stuff.....
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