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fortheleastofthese 07:07 AM 10-21-2011
Hi. I am new to this forum, my name is Tina and 31, and a nanny. I also do much childrens ministry at church as a AWANA leader and Sunday school teacher. In August I went on a short term missions trip to Rwanda and Ethiopia. Which I plan to return to Ethiopia next year to work with the kids who live in the city dump long term. Now that I have introduced myself here is my question.....

I recently started working for a new family. I started a month before hrr due date with her almost 3 year old. Now the baby is a month and she us home 2 more months on maternity leave. Her son is like 2 kids! I am not used to this as kids normallye warm to me. When I come over he runs to his mom crying. This morning when she dropped him off at my house, he was screaming and crying. But the moment we came inside he ran to the toys hapoy as can be. She asks me often if he crys the whole time she is gone. But he only acts this way when me and her are together. I want to put her and him at ease. How can I help this process?

Springdaze 07:25 AM 10-21-2011
my first thought would be for her to call 15 min after she leaves and she will be able to hear that he is fine. Dont let him talk to her but she will be able to hear he's not crying. I had a child whos mom dropped him off to see how he would do and wouldnt leave then kept peeking in the window. this was the first day. she finally took him home and never returned. she didnt even give him a chance to calm down!!!!
Just Saying 08:00 AM 10-21-2011
When this happens can you send a text with a picture of him. I have done this with a new child that cries and within 5 minutes they are very happy, so I take a picture and text it to mom. Mom is able to see the time on the text and knows that her child is happy and calm after 5/10 minutes.

Makes moms day happy!!
Cat Herder 08:25 AM 10-21-2011
I would recommend reading Nannyde's "Changing of the Guard" blog here on

This is such a common occurrence, please don't feel it has anything to do with you. Transition times are the most difficult part of the day for many.

There is alot of information here about it. I added tags to help you navigate to it. They are on the bottom left of the screen.
laundrymom 08:37 AM 10-21-2011
Can you text pic or video? Or facetime her?
youretooloud 08:38 AM 10-21-2011
Good to meet you!

I have sent pictures on my cell phone as soon as they look happy so the mom feels better about it.
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