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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>The Real Cost of child care...on the provider
frugalmama4 09:45 AM 03-30-2012
Hello, I need help with wording and what else should be added. Thanks!

Ok, so I came across another thread last night and got me to thinking. Does anyone put in their handbook/policy book or news letters, the break down on running an home child care business?

I'm thinking of adding a Money Matter section to my handbook (right before tuition talk). This is what it will cover-

What your parent fee pays for-(I found this information in another thread

care of child/children
cost of upkeep on my home to keep in good condition and DC
curriculum/craft supplies
insurance/my ongoing training/license fees
cleaning supplies/office
field trips
holiday party's

I think it's time for us to stand up to this cheap parents (so to speak) everyone seems to think we pocket a 100% of their parent fees...and hit the mall every week. But we know better...just as working out side the home after adding up all the expenses we have just enough for a Happy Meal
nannyde 09:47 AM 03-30-2012
There's a really good thread on this... don't remember the name but I think SAHM wrote out the other costs. It was something I used in a radio show appearance so I think it was in september or october last year.
frugalmama4 09:49 AM 03-30-2012
Kool Beans Thx Nan.

I will search for it...have a Hip Happy Friday!
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