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Hartingirl 10:02 AM 12-28-2014
Hi again!

Please recommend your digital daily reports/communication tool for preschoolers. I have seen Daily Connect (doesn't seem to apply for kiddos out of diapers or older) and I've seen a variety of other tools, but I'm hoping to find a good one that doesn't require a fee or cost. I'm just starting out, so I'm not ready to spend money on something like this - I'd just rather do paper reports if it's a choice between a paid service and that.

Does anything like that exist for older kids (ages 3-5)?

Learning Daycare 11:20 AM 12-28-2014
But, seems really nice, I haven't tried it though. And, it's $2.25 per active child per month. It seems that on here, a lot of providers don't send home daily reports of any sort, just art projects and such. Many do newsletters and/or bulletin boards to inform parents of activities and happenings for the week/month. To provide a school-feel, you could send home folders on Mondays or Fridays with "proof" (worksheets, art projects) of what the child did during the week.The parents may appreciate sending completed assignments home more that hearing/reading about the day. That's me speaking from a parent's perspective. It would be a lot less work as a provider as well. I hope I was helpful!
SignMeUp 11:32 AM 12-28-2014
I think there's something in Minute Menu, if you have that already. I've never looked at it though.
Since I see each of my families twice per day, we talk then. Plus I let the kids tell about much of their day - they need to develop that skill for when they go to school and there are no daily reports and it's relationship-building too, for the parents and children.
As soon as kids are verbal, I encourage them to tell their parents about what they're doing, and if parents have questions, they can always ask me
daycare 03:25 PM 12-28-2014
Instead of a daily report I do a weekly preschool plans calendar.
This lets the parents know what we are doing each week. What books we will read and our main focus for that week.

Only if there is an issue do I ever complete and individual report which I require parents to sign and give a copy to them and their file.

I do send home weekly awards when earned. Which is just a paper award saying something like. I'm an excellent helper or behavior etc.

I don't feel it's necessary to do a daily report once past infancy.
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