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cheerfuldom 07:14 PM 06-20-2012
I resisted the accept a "friend" into my daycare. She really isnt that good of a friend to me because she only comes around when she needs something. But I patted myself on the back for not agreeing to consider her part time infant (ugh.....hate part time infants, they are the hardest!) because she really is hard to work with sometimes and she needed the full week available but only wanted to pay for two to three days per week. I'd rather leave the spot open than accept someone who is going to be a problem. I watched her older daughter several years ago and it was not fun. Mom is a helicopter mom (she called me to remind me to wipe her child when changing a diaper.....ummmm duh!) and her other child was spoiled.

yay me! dodged a bullet!
SilverSabre25 07:20 PM 06-20-2012
Yay!!! Congratulations!
Mary Poppins 07:23 PM 06-20-2012

You are modeling good behavior for the rest of us!!
Blackcat31 07:38 PM 06-20-2012
👍good job Cheerful!!. Definitely dodged a bullet!
Sugar Magnolia 08:08 PM 06-20-2012
Phew! Way to go Cheerful! Glad you listened to your gut! Dodged 3 bullets! Awesome backbone usage.....send some backbone my way.....
Meyou 03:03 AM 06-21-2012
Yay! That sounds like it could have been a nightmare.
Crazy8 05:50 AM 06-21-2012
good job!!!! I did that once too - funny how that friend stopped calling after I said no to watching her kid.
Ariana 09:36 AM 06-21-2012
Good for you
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