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permanentvacation 02:05 PM 05-15-2014
Can anyone give me some ideas for science projects/activities for children ages 1-4 years old?
missy 02:20 PM 05-15-2014
I will be stalking this thread;-) Could always use new ideas!

Right now my faves are insects---you can buy a live display box and can even order caterpillars that turn into beautiful monarch butterflies before their eyes! (Or find them outside, they love milkweed)....

..and a garden center where they can grow plants and veggies and things. It can also be a good way to discuss the environment and how they grow, and even healthy eating, responsibility into caring for them, etc etc.

For the wee little ones, a good source is for ideas. I struggle with activities for that age.
llpa 04:31 PM 05-15-2014
On Facebook I follow the "Teach Preschool" and "Happy Hooligans" pages... Fantastic ideas for science and any learning area
daycare 04:42 PM 05-15-2014
pinterest has some really cool ones like the elephant toothpaste.

just be sure not to let them touch it
permanentvacation 06:18 AM 05-16-2014
Thank you. I will check those websites out.
VTMom 06:49 AM 05-16-2014
We'll be making a "chia pet" (found on pinterest)! Basically, it's cutting the bottom 1/3 from a 2 liter clear soda bottle, decorating that with googly eyes, nose, etc, filling with soil and planting seeds on top for hair.

Another thing we've done in the past that all ages really enjoyed was collecting different colored leaves, flowers etc outside, mashing them and adding a little water to make it into "paint" and watercolor painting with it. It was interesting to see what colors held and which didn't.

Another thing we do over the summer is the VT State Park Venture challenge. . It has some good ideas even if you're not going for the "prize"!
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