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Unregistered 02:39 PM 07-17-2020
I've been on this forum in the past as a negative Nancy. I swore off ECE for good. My last ob at a reputable daycare center labeled me the bad guy and a liar for reporting 2 abusive teachers. I thought that was the end of ECE for me.

They lied about me to my co-workers said I was caught in a lie and fired. A former co-worker called me and told me the lead teacher I reported was crying to everyone, "I would never hurt my kids. I love them with all my heart." Playing victim.

It really bothered me. I had to tell her to stop calling me and talking to me about it. It only made matters worse for me. She is another one of the teachers that knew about the abuse but lied to cps. I'm pretty upset with her but am trying to understand why she kept quiet. She didn't want to lose her job.

I was getting a terrible refrence from them (I never put them down as a ref, prospective directors still called them for one. I think it's because it was my first job). Finally, I got a job. Small daycare, $1.68 more per hour, paid lunch break, 8a-4pm, closer to home, 45 kids total, 3 teachers to students. No benefits, but, I should be fine lol.

I had a great interview. The director said her son works at the place I worked at. He does summer camp there so I never met him. This made me nervous because all the lies going on about me. If he asked they probably told him I was nuts. I know some teachers wouldn't say that though. Everyone knew I was the kids favorite lol.

I was honest with her and told her they probably wouldn't give me the best word. She said, "Oh. Was there abuse." I was kinda shocked and just told her I saw a teacher do something. Of course, I didn't get into the whole thing. She told me not to worry. I was still scared. Some places hype you up and you never get the job. Luckily, I got the job.

I'm finally coming to terms with the heartbreak. I want justice but, I know that may never happen. I do know there is a chance the teachers have stopped the abuse all together (becuase of fear). That's the best I could ask for even if parents or other teachers never know the truth. Even if they all think I'm some nut who likes to make up stories for no good reason. I'm trying to accept that as long as no kids aren't getting hurt.

It still upsets me that they are lying. It upsets me that the other 7 witnesses kept quiet. At the end of the day, they can cry and play victim, but, we all know what happened. I miss my babies and wanted to watch them grow, but it's time to move on. I only hope for the best for the future and current children there.

Who knows. Maybe the truth will be out soon. Never stop doing your passion because a couple of bad eggs. If you are dealing with abusive teachers I ask you to plan out you next move. Please get evidence. I went in with nothing and nothing came of it. If I could go back I would do things diffrently. You can't hope other witnesses will say anything.

I guess that's all. Hoping for the best when I start my new job.
Ariana 11:51 PM 07-21-2020
It sounds like you learned some valuable lessons and thankfully have a chance to work with little ones again! Best of luck

I reported abuse and similarly nothing was done. That teacher got fired a year later for more reports so sometimes they donít believe the first person but they believe the second and third.
Mariposa 10:22 PM 07-23-2020
I would question why she was so nonchalant about their abuse and why the son works there when she knows or isn't surprised.
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