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lovemykidstoo 06:03 AM 06-05-2019
Has anyone ever done any butterfly kit? I would love to do this with the kids but didn't know where to get a good one and how good they work.
finsup 08:46 AM 06-05-2019
We did an insect lore one for my son's homeschool kindeegarten year and were happy with it! All catapillars turned into butterflies, overall it was fun. Doing it again this year for my daughters K year and will use the same kit.
Josiegirl 09:01 AM 06-05-2019
Same here, Insect Lore, a few years ago. The dcks loved it! And all 5 survived which *I* was happy with. When it was time to release them, I invited the dcps to join us; they brought cameras. I had just bought tons of flowers from the greenhouse so thought the butterflies would go right for them. But nope, they flew away as fast as they could. Lol So no pics of them landing on anyone, which is what we were all hoping for. Much fun nonetheless, though! Check amazon, they might be a few bucks cheaper through there. And you can order a kit with live caterpillars of a voucher to send away for them.
e.j. 11:36 AM 06-05-2019
I've never used a kit but we have found caterpillars in the yard and put them into a jar with holes poked in the lid. We place a stick in the jar so that it stands at a slant and then fill the jar loosely with leaves. You have to replace the leaves often because those bugs eat a lot! Eventually they cocoon themselves and turn into butterflies. You just have to watch them to make sure you let them go before they have a chance to move too much in the jar or they tend to shred their wings.
Ariana 04:59 PM 06-05-2019
I do it every second year and we love it! I have so many resources to go with it so it makes sense for me. At $75 for 15 cats though it is pricey. We do Painted Lady butterflies. I have never had a cat not turn into a butterfly.

I get mine from
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