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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Where Do You Draw The Line @ For Sickness? I Mean Really
DaisyMamma 12:53 PM 05-28-2013
DCK is sick Sat night throwing up. Hasn't thrown up since early Sun. morning but doesn't feel well.

DCM calls today and says FYI he has stomach cramps but the nurse and I think he is ok. (Hmmmm, red flag if he was at school nurse).
He gets off bus, red face, with a plastic bag in case he pukes on the bus! WHAAAT?
No fever. Hasn't puked. Asked to go inside and rest.

WTH. I would never want my kid to stick it out like this so I could be at work. What is wrong with people?
youretooloud 03:47 PM 05-28-2013
I would isolate him, and tell mom to leave work asap and keep him home until he's 100%.
Willow 05:34 PM 05-28-2013
I would call mom and tell her he feels like throwing up, she needs to keep him home until he can travel without a barf bag.

Sad that some parents have that little common sense.....
AmyKidsCo 07:27 PM 05-28-2013
Poor kiddo.
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