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Pandaluver21 06:40 PM 11-24-2020
Seems like that's what most questions are about now, sadly that's where we are!

Almost 3yr old woke up Friday with a fever, 101 I think, and a little stuffy nose. Mom called the doctor and they said not to worry until it was 105!! They told her if she wasn't better by Monday or if she got worse over the weekend to bring her in and get her tested. Mom said she woke up Saturday with no fever and just fine. I was told this at pickup today (only attends Tues/Thurs) My covid questions say "has your child or anyone in your family had covid symptoms in the last 72 hours" which I guess they hadn't.
1)would you make it longer than 72 hours?
2)Do you think those were "covid symptoms"
3)Do you think she should have let me know at drop off, even though it was over the 72 hours?
4)Would you have required her to stay out today (if I was actually aware of it at pickup)
5)what are your Covid procedures?

I am very high risk, but I don't want to completely turn my life upside down because of Covid. I am careful. I am not on the "if you leave the house you're going to die" side, or the "it's all fake" side. I've lost a dear friend to Covid. If I were to get it it will not go well. I feel like my covid procedures aren't covering it as well as I'd like. Half of my families are following everything I ask, the other half could care less :|
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